Sterilization Before Delivery

Hello im preparing the nursery items before delivering and would like to ask the following qns: 1. When is it a good time to start sterilizing bottles and pump parts? 2. How many bottle sets do you sterilize? 3. After sterilizing and drying (i bought an avent sterilizer and dryer), do i just leave the bottles in the dryer? Or keep them in a separate “clean box”? 4. If i sterilize/dry 2 bottles at once, i open the dryer and use one of the bottles, do i have to sterilize the other one again before using? #firstbaby #advicepls TIA!

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Super Mum

Sterilise before you go to deliver or immediately when back. I did 4 in the beginning then adjusted base on frequency of washing. Can leave in dryer or separate box, up to you. I didn’t hv dryer so I used a box to dry and store.

12mo ago

Thanks so much for your advice :)

I just delivered recently but i have not sterilized any bottles yet though. Every day is just directly latching the baby.. had the same qns like you as well coz i was told by my friends sterilize when you want to use it

12mo ago

Ah i see… ok thanks so much :)