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Im only 5 days PP but i already felt engorged, for the first time. What should i do 😣 its hard as rock and very painful. Ive tried hot compress for few minutes, epsom salt, pump for 15 mins each side, only relieved for a few mins then it went back to being engorged. Is it normal ? And what should i do ? I scared if i pump again itll over stimulate. Fyi, im exclusive pumping only not latching. Im also currently taking fenugreek, should i stop? #FTM #firstbaby

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ice compress. if warm compress it will encourage more milk production also. still need to clear cuz mastitis is 🥵. had that n luckily went to tcm to massage out to clear. it was already hardening like cheese consistency!! tcm said if i was later, might have to operate liao

2mo ago

flower moon tcm. you go to tcmconfinement.com my physician was doc shana

Go for massage, take sunflower lecithin to thin out your milk and stop the fenugreek. You will however still need to pump regardless before it turns into mastitis and you’ll feel like hell. Be sure to clear your boobs well.

Pls stop your fenugreek and take lecithin now. Take one dose of lecithin and you will able to see the effect. Need to massage and pump out to relieve it. If don't pump out will be very uncomfortable.

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Got the the supermarket and get cabbage. Store it in the fridge to chill it and apply on boobs. It helped me. But don’t apply for too long as it may affect milk production