How to know if baby is doing fine?

Im not sure if my baby is doing fine,because currently i only had 1 appointment with KKH which im only 8 weeks and had to wait for 6 more weeks to go for the next appointment. How do i make sure my baby is doing fine? Do i have to be worried? #1stimemom #pleasehelp

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as long as no bleeding of fresh blood, you are fine. there isn't much you can do in the 1st trimester to know if baby is okay or not cause you won't be able to feel baby movements at 20weeks onwards. just make sure you are eating healthily and consuming your folic acid or prenatal vits religiously. do not strain yourself too much, takw it easy as 1st trimester is the most crucial time during pregnancy. you may also get a fetal doppler, it will give you a peace of mind to hear baby's heartbeart. alternatively, you can just go to private clinic and do an ultrasound.

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2mo ago

ohhh okieee thank you!!

I would suggest to relax and take your supplements diligently.. no spotting or bleeding or massive pain or cramp should be fine.. don't worry, rest and relax very important.. then eat whatever you like and drink plenty of water if can..

2mo ago

alright! thank you!!

If there isn't any bad cramps and bleeding, then we will assume the baby is fine. Else, the only way to know is to do ultrasound may want to consider going to private gynae for more frequent checkups and scans if you like.

2mo ago

oooo alright! thank you 🤗

Ehh high five! i went 2 days ago at 8.6weeks and haveta wait for 6 weeks for nxt appt. this is my third baby. jz make sure you drink enough water, try to eat well and dont carry heavy stuff. take care! 🤗

2mo ago

hehe alright!! thank you🤗

Don’t worry so much !! I from 8 weeks wait until 20 weeks. Just stay calm and eat healthily, all should be well !! ☺️😊

2mo ago

okieee alrighty!! thank you!!🤗