Tips for Gentle Parenting

Hi, I’m a mother of a beautiful (coming to) 11 month old baby girl and have been watching ways on gentle parenting on YouTube. I have also tried them on my baby and I must say, you need a lot of patience. I learn to understand that kids cry because we’ve set boundaries for them, meaning to say when they cry, someone’s gonna come to them, so they use that method for attention. When in actual fact, you can teach them otherwise. Anyone else tried gentle parenting before? I’d like some advices pls!

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Hey there! It's amazing you're trying this parenting style with your child. It really takes a lot of patience, communication and understanding to be able to create and set boundaries for them.. I came across this Tiktok video that might help: stay strong Mumma!

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10mo ago

Wow thanks! I love the video!! Gives me ideas on how to try follow her way of calming a child. Thank you so much!