Who's in the last lap now??? Whats ur preparation??

Hi, im left with 33 more days!!!! Who's with me??? What's ur preparation??? How are u feeling???

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23 days for me! Trying to prep my husband first! 🤣 going through the pre and post labour process with him, shared about postnatal depression etc. Cause he is my pillar so I’ll need him to be mentally strong for me there too.

10mo ago

hehehe.. thats great.. this is my 2nd but its the 4th for my husband.. he is well prepared, but for me, its everything new although not my first... tryna get things ready as im getting my covid vaccine 2nd dose next week on my 37 week... 🥲

12 more days for me, I think I’m as prepared as can be!!

10mo ago

hehehe! wishing u a smooth delivery mummy! who knows baby wants to be out early!!! hahaha