No signs of baby coming out

Im left with 3 days to my edd and there isn’t any signs of baby coming out. No braxton hicks too and baby is super active in tummy. #1stimemom here and wondering if any mummy encounter same situation as me ? Heartburn is really crazy at night too. There was once where i cough and there’s palm size fluid gush out of my vagina. Thought it was my water bag and decided to call my gynae but was told to monitor. Happens just that one incident which im sure isn’t my pee. No contractions at all too. #advicepls

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I didn't give birth until one day before EDD. It's still considered acceptable to wait till 41-42 weeks but it also depends on your gynae's recommendation. I was actually due for a follow up and was considering a membrane sweep on w39+5. My water broke at 1am on the day of my appointment so I was admitted instead. How I differentiated pee from amniotic fluid was by smell. Amniotic fluid should be odorless (mine was) or sweet smelling (according to the internet haha). Pee should have a distinctive amonia smell to it. Also, if it's from coughing it may well be pee actually. Another way to tell if it's amniotic fluid is whether it leaks out when you have positional changes, such as sit to stand or lying down to stand. Leaking amniotic fluid usually pools in the vaginal and leaks out when you move, whereas pee usually just leaks out. I tried to test by changing positions too and my fluid leaked everytime I stood up. I absolutely had no contractions until I was admitted. My dilation was at 0cm when I was being screened at the delivery suite. Hope all goes well and you have a smooth delivery!

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don't worry . some mums go beyond EDD. But if you are not going in to labour after 41 , 42 weeks,, they will take your baby out.