Swollen gum at the back

I’m having swollen gum at the back of my left side of teeth, it’s painful that I can’t open my mouth fully at all, I can’t eat well due to that. Any advice please .. I don’t wanna go see dentist . I scared they will ask me to pluck my tooth I’m currently at 19weeks

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It’s actually okay to remove a tooth/wisdom tooth after trimester 1 as per my gynae. I have an impacted bottom wisdom tooth and a chipped top wisdom tooth which hurts once in awhile to the extend I can’t sleep. My dentist did told me to think about whether I want to remove it when I enter trim 2 but i didn’t go for it because I’m afraid of the injection before they remove the tooth. (currently 33 weeks) So far… I didn’t take any medications, I just gargle salt water non stop when it hurts. If you can take Panadol, take Panadol (the most basic one), if you’re allergic like me…. Then you can only try the salt water method and endure it.

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If gums are swollen.. you need to brush more frequently, floss and use a mouthwash.. but swollen gums are not usually painful.. if it hurts it may be something more than swollen gums. In that case, you have to see a dentist soon before it gets worse and require more invasive intervention.

i have had to visit dentist twice alr since i got pregnant, swollen/bleeding/sensitive gums are a common pregnancy symptom due to hormones. MUST go dentist to make sure you dont accumulate bad bacteria that could harm the baby - thats what my gynae advised


it's better to visit check with the dentist since you are in the second trimester, best time to go to the dentist

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better to go to the dentist now as they can't do anything during the third trimester