I'm a first timer (i'm 30, hubby 34) at my week 7 today. I went to see gynae today, and she asked me to do research and decide if I'll want to do OSCAR or NIPT next time. Is OSCAR sufficient? My gf personally went OSCAR, but was told that theres some borderline issue, and it might be caused by OSCAR not super super accurate. Ended up she go for NIPT, but 2 weeks of miserable worry. Eventually results were ok, and her son is turning 1 years old in a few days. I'm not sure is her case a one-off kinda case or what. I have yet to pass 12 weeks, hence I did not share my unstable pregnancy (am bleeding, on hormones jabs & daily pills) to others. So i have no avenue to ask for help. #pleasehelp #1stimemom #OSCAR #nipt

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I just did both Oscar (FTS) and Nipt at the same time. because Oscar screen for structural defects, but Nipt dont. Nipt has higher accuracy in the blood test results, so yes save the unecessary wait and worry if Oscar comes back with risk, and you need to do Nipt afterall. I feel that pregnancy is a journey of uncertainties and assurance is really important. dont like surprises too so yeah gonna test for both! it depends alot of your budget also ya. so its a personal decision. sharing the info from kkh booklet too. hope it helps!

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