Im currently using s26 for my LO and now my hubby wanna change to mamil gold pls advise me which one is better. Thank you in advance mummies

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It really depends on your baby, and their taste buds. Why does your Husband want to change formula? I suggest contacting the various formula companies and asking for sample to see which one your baby likes best. My baby is on Mamil Gold. Been quite happy with it. Here's the label at the back. As for me, I am personally drinking s26 mama milk to try to boost my milk supply.

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I can't recommend which is good for yr baby as certain babies suit certain brands. What I advice you is to request for sample before spending $ to get from the shelf. Attached a link that you can request for free sample for your LO.

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u can always call to the milk company to ask for sample . try their sample before buying . some time kid might not wan the taste . as kid now a days is very clever they might know . . for me i stick to the same brand milk till my gal is 4. then i change milk brand to slightly cheaper milk powder .

both formula are good for babies but it really depends not all formula are suitable for all babies~~to me i will suggest that stick to the same formula that you are giving or ask them for sample to try for few days before purchasing or switching =)

Just to add on, you can get free sample from mamil gold here: :)

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Thank you all.