small lump 1st trim

I'm currently 5w but feeling a small lump/swell deep in my left armpit and when press down feeling abit painful...boobs are tender too :( anyone experience this before and is there anyway to ease the swell...#5weeks

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hi u shud get check for GDM. i experience that during first and 2nd tri. on armpits and behind my leg. after controlling my sugar it doesnt appear anymore with the help of medicine. the lump will turn into abcess. meanwhile u can head down to sinseh and ask for santachi. it works for me.

2y ago

its a chinese medicine.. but get it from sinseh. you have to apply it, very cooling and it wont make u feel pain. if you have tumeric at home, make it like a paste and put it at the swelling part. do not keep on pressing or else it will get bigger and u will tend to have fever. may i ask if u can lift ur armpit?