Covid during pregnancy

Hi all, I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant. I've been down with cough and flu over 3 weeks, visited GP twice with meds and antibiotics. Tested ART 3 times negative. I was maybe 80% better the last 1 week but 3 days ago, the cough n flu started coming back. I went to GP again today and tested positive for covid. Any mummies, can share their experiences? I couldn't find any posts regarding covid during pregnancy. Thanks #advicepls #pleasehelp #thankyou #covid #pregnancy

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I know someone who had covid during pregnancy. She went through normal childbirth and everything was OK. Child is already a few months old! As long as your medicine are pregnancy friendly, it should be ok :) rest well and hope you recover soon

My doctor mentioned that preggos with covid is similar monitoring with normal adult, just take safe meds given & monitor for any unusual symptoms. See doctor if symptoms worsen ya. Take care!