Im 38 weeks pregnant & on 37 weeks i went to for my checkup, the doctor told me im 2cm dilated . Also i was bleeding a lot but they sent me home. Now that im already 38 weeks, there's still no signs of labour, just some vagina pain is that normal? I really wanna give birth soon i can't take it much longer its so tiring😭😭😭 *ps , my due date is 23 october 2023. Now is already 9 october 2023 :(

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The bleeding is due to membrane sweep therefore you will feel pain and bleeding. 2cm dilation might be further up open in a week or two depends on progression. Just do lots of walking, up down stairs, squat should you feel the need to help speed up the dilation. You will feel like baby's head gonna come out too. If you're petite, you will feel like a penguim waddling 🤣 I experience both babies as I exceed EDD. Painful with back pain but worth the memories.

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7mo ago

omg!! congrats dear. that must be an experience. rest well n happy confinement.