Does baby hear us talking at Week 17?

I'm 17 weeks pregnant now, and I wonder would my baby hear us talking at this time. I haven't seen or felt any movements yet, but just wondering what could be the baby's sleep time and what if I wake the baby while talking to my husband or on phone.

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Even if your baby can hear it'll be muffled noises and no, baby won't get startled or get disturb by your talking. Your womb is layered and thick so don't worry about all the talkings. Baby sleeps majority of time until newborn period. I guess this is your 1st pregnancy? You won't feel a thing yet until 24 weeks and above unless you're not a 1st time mum then you'll feel movements earlier.

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1y ago

thanks for sharing. Yes, I'm a first-time mom :)

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Hahhahahaha so cute why would it matter if the baby is awake or asleep? He/she is inside ur tummy and i think at this point of time its okay la!

1y ago

U can google n read more abt it.. im not a gynae but what i noe >18wks baby start to hear.. >25wks baby will start to respond and be soothe by the sound of your voice..enjoy the journey!