Itchy Nipples/Breasts

Hi, I’m at 17 weeks now and my nipples starting to have dry flakes. It gets really itchy, and sometimes the entire boob gets itchy as well. Help. Anyone face this? Will nipple cream work? Or any other solution for this?

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I just apply my stretch mark cream to my entire boob. Let it sink in for a few minutes then wear your bra. So far, haven't had itchy boobs after I did this. The bra also helps to keep the moisture locked in.

Yesss very normal ! Sometimes it gets to a point whereby i feel like my nipple falling off And yes you can use any moisturiser or nipple cream!

11mo ago

Nooo dont ever scratch! I feel you its very itchy bt try not to scratch esp the nipple. Or you can try apply cold compress if really cannot take it. Apply cold compress for few mins, then apply moisturizer.

Mine is itchy but not dry… tsk!