Will gastric and stomach ache affect healthy growth of baby ?

I’m 11 weeks now but constantly having gastric, air, stomach ache issues. Very worried. Will this affect the growth and development of my baby? What are some remedies you have for gastric. I’m lactose interest due to pregnancy now . #pleasehelp

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Super Mum

I had very bad heart burn throughout pregnancy. Initially, soy milk helped, then I took gaviscon. When that wasn’t good enough, I needed medication from doc. Don’t be worried about baby’s growth though, it won’t affect him.

1y ago

Thank you so much for sharing! I’m relieved. Was worried

Maybe can try having some probiotics for your tummy problems. It won’t affect the baby but do eat more often so that your baby can get nutrients too!

1y ago

I’ve been consuming probiotics even before preg and have up my dosage but does not seem to help