Hi I'm 11 weeks & 1 day today. This is my second pregnancy & i would like to know at how many weeks will i get to feel the baby kicks?

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hi i am 8 weeks and 6 days this is my first pregnancy i would like to know when am i gonna feel my baby kicks or when am i gonna show my baby bump?

2y ago

And regarding baby bump, I think it depends on individuals. I didn't have much of a bump until week 28 and suddenly by week 30 it's so big now. My bump started to show around week 15 I guess.

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For 2nd pregnancy u will likely able to feel mild baby movements like occasional tapping motion in your tummy earliest at around 15 weeks onwards.

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Usually between 16 and 25 weeks:)

I felt mine at 20th week


I felt at 18 weeks