If LO eczema reoccurs 2 weeks after healing, do mummies reapply the steroid cream? I'm not keen to apply steroid cream whenever eczema reoccurs on LO face but there seems to be no other way out. Any advices pls?

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Hi dear, usually for eczema you can apply coconut oil. Cheap and good. I get vitacoco coconut oil, can be purchased from watsons. It's about $18 and they last forever. Key point to eczema is to keep the skin moist at all times. Oil based is better as the skin absorbs it almost immediately. If the flare is bad, then i guess not much choice but to apply the steriod to keep it in control. My boy has allergy to egg and flares up when its too hot. Best to keep the air cool, not too hot or cold.

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6y ago

Tks! Will try it out. Will it be very oily after applications? Cos LO always rub and I'm worried it will be very oily and messy. Tks!