low lying placenta @ week20

I just went to KKH for my week20 scan and doc inform me that I have low lying placenta. Has anyone encounter this? Should I seek 2nd opinion? Am getting worried as this is my first pregnancy.

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You need to rest alot , more a lot than usual. No heavy workloads or carry heavy stuffs. No sex during pregnancy. If you are walking, feeling pain must stop & rest. Must feel calm and easy. You may experience spotting too. Are you working? Get approval from gynae for HL. Before you give birth & ML. https://sg.theasianparent.com/placenta-previa/ Hope it helps

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I had low lying placenta too at 20 weeks. As long as the gynae say it is not placenta previa, you can proceed as per normal. Mine moved before labour eventually, but it was only at week 36 that we confirmed with another detailed scan. So it is really based on luck. Nothing you do can shift it honestly.

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I had it during 21 week scan U will need to walk less Have plenty of rest Do Not carry heavy things Do not have sex. Mine move up at 32 weeks. There is chances that it will move up So don't worry too much for now.

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There is still a chance that it will move up. I have that too at week 18 and now its up already.