Hi, I can’t decide which hospital to choose between Mount A, Mount E Novena and TMC. And how their package like. Which is your choice?

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If got hospital tour, go for it & get a look. If $$ is a concern = KKH If $$ is still all right = Mount Alvernia or TMC If $$ really not a concern = Mount E Novena If you can afford, try go for Single bed unless you don't mind share a room and toilet with another mother (2 bed room) and you don't mind your husband not beside you overnight. So, sit down & discuss this with your husband, compare all the options and costs together, then pick & decide. My wife delivered at Mount Alvernia in Jan 2020, Single A ward Ceseran. The bill came 3 weeks later(You don't need to pay the hospital bill upon discharge, it should be weeks later, please do confirm this with the hospital). After deduct the initial Deposit paid using my credit card & after deduct all the Government subsidies, we didn't need to pay cash except paying off my credit card bill, so it was affordable for us. It is however important to have ready cold hard cash of $5000 or more and Or have ready Credit Limit of $6000 or more for both your credit cards for backup plan B to handle the bill payment part. It's good to be 100 % prepared before you sign up for the package. Good to know that private hospitals are for profit, fast & efficient services but more expensive. Public hospital like KKH are for serving mass public & subsidized by the Govt, so longer waiting time but it's affordable and cheap if you don't take A ward in Govt (hearsay).

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9mo ago

what is the final bill?

Does your gynae deliver at all 3 hospitals? Mine delivers in TMC and Mt A. We opted for TMC cos it is a more familiar hospital, more widely known for maternity services and more accessible (despite crazy parking). After deciding, we also went for the hospital tour to confirm the kind of room. I had a wonderful experience there; my husband agrees too. However, few months before my delivery (recent), a friend of mine had an awful experience there with his wife that turned quite ugly. I guess, your expectation must be realistically matched to the service you signed up for, and your communication with the staff there. Good luck!

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Mount A is the cheapest among the rest, Mount E novena is the most expensive. I just had c-sect done recently at TMC. If your gynae dr works at these 3 hospitals, the clinic would give you a list to show you the packages offered at the 3 hospitals and you can compare them.

Mount E Novena. Delivered Feb 2020. Best experience. No extra charge on the accommodation for spouse yet have complimentary meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper). However, it really depend on ur gynae which hospital he/she can deliver

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My bill was consider high. Approx 20K cos i went for induced labor however was unsuccessful hence underwent emgerency c-section due to having fever


Go for hospital tour. And decide from there. From my experience hospital price is almost the same is how much your gyne charge. I gave birth C sec at Glen E spend about 13k. My fren gave birth at Mt A C sec also spend 12k.

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I delivered at Mount E Novena in Jan and it was great. But for this covid period maybe check where your gynae can deliver? Otherwise I'd choose tmc because the other two are not solely maternity hospitals.

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I delivered my firstborn in MAH in 2016, and secondborn in TMC in 2019. Out of these 2 hospitals, I’ll definitely go back to TMC again

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Mt E novena was great, like food and facility. I delivered there in 2019. So attached was the package pricing for you to consider.

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8mo ago

Hello ms, can i have this pdf please? I decided to deliver here... Thank you 😍

I delivered at mount A but will try out TMC for number 2 as some of the staff at mount A are really horrible.

Please stop mentioning about hospital tour, because of this Covid19, all maternity tours have been cancelled.