How do you decide how to spell your child's Chinese name in English?

Hi all, I see there are my peers have many ways they had spelt their Chinese names. Some have 2 syllabus joined, some are Hanyu Pinyin, some are in dialect with no universal spelling, and some have a dash in the name. I've chalked it up to the older generation not being great at English and no standardization, but now that it's my turn to name my kid I'm super overthinking this. Can I do a weird spelling so foreigners find it easier to pronounce? Can I mix dialect and Mandarin? Is it weird to have a dash? Would anyone laugh at my kid for having "illiterate" parents if it's spelt weirdly? Is there any hidden social rules at all? (@[email protected]) #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls

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personal preference I try to keep it simple I didn't put their chinese name in English and only one Chinese Character cause I hate writing my name when I was in Primary, too many 笔画 🤣 my boy's name Oeuf Yeoh 杨浩 which is French word n many unable to pronounce it properly. many find it weird but who cares, as long as my boy can pronounce it and we as parents happy

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