I secretly wish my spouse could be better at sex
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I secretly did wish for a better sex, gusto ko yung my foreplay, kaya lang c hubby minsan lang nya ginagawa yun usually konting romansa lang lang ginagawa nya din pasok agad, but still i love my husband so much hindi nya ko binibigyan ng sakit ng ulo hehe

Wala na ko mahihiling pa, sadyang magaling si mister pagdating sa sex. Ikaw nalang talaga aayaw. 😁

I never felt satisfied with my partner but still loves him .. coz he is great at his heart

4y ago

Me too n at 5 months till now he did want to sleep with me cause I did tell him how I feel he is even cheating on me with the fourth child he finish quick n he doesn't what me any more or is this the end of my marriage

my husband wants more position and i like it but when I am tired i want to finished it 1 to 5 mins.. hehe

5y ago

i guess foreplay and oral help.thats for me :)

Hubby doesn't do much foreplay but he can last & makes sure I finish first.

5y ago

my partner like to lick and kiss down below for great orgasm.

My man is perfect in sex i dont need nothing more better.

May times na ok xa, my times dn na hindi hehe..

yessss....my wife always give best .😍😍

VIP Member

when he drunk,my husband sex long time,😝

Twice .. twice a week ang pahinga 😂😂