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I really need advice badly. Last night I just gave birth to my boy when he is only 24 weeks 6days. The most important thing is tat I gave birth in a very backdate county - Uzbekistan... an unfamiliar county when I went on holiday (gave birth because of some condition unexpectedly). Down here I can't get whatever I need, but can please advise me on wat food I can eat to boost breast milk for my baby? Today it dont seem to have milk coming out and I'm very worried. In hospital here they don't serve much. Hubby planning to get me out to a better place to prepare myself for our boy. And I'm already emotionally and mentally breakdown. Environment like in 90s and oso have communication problems. I really need help. #pleasehelp #advicepls #firstmom #firsttimemom

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hi mummy, congrats on the birth of your baby ❤️ it can take days for the breast milk to start coming out. in the mean time, try to let baby latch on. if baby is too small to try latching, massage your breasts often to stimulate the production (can google for tutorial). some food that can help boost milk supply: flaxseed oatmeal almond dried dates dark leafy veges (spinach, broccoli etc) all the best, hope you'll be back to SG soon with baby, both healthy and safely! 🙏💛

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hi hi just asking if you have purchased babyexpress's pump ? if yes, you can actually contact them for help on lactation. they may be able to advise you remotely as they actually have online lactation consultation. you can check out their website, hope it helps! free online lactation service for 12-months + 30mins in-person

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Milk takes a few days to come in, try not to stress about it, difficult as it may be. Drink lots of water, keep nursing /pumping to signal to your body that more milk is needed. Try power pumping as well. I also ate oatmeal for breakfast for a few days in a row, worth a try too. Jiayou, hope you and baby get to a hospital with better facilities soon.

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Sorry things turned out this way. Can the medical team advise you on the bm production? How soon can you get back to your home country?