Need help with reviews for little blue lamb shoes

Hi, i am looking around for baby shoes and saw this little blue lamb brand. Any good reviews for this brand? Is their price range reasonable for the quality? Look like they have a lot of cute designs.

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Hi Drung, both my kids used Little Blue Lamb shoes when they were babies. Although kids outgrow shoes quickly, I felt these shoes were worth the $. They were comfortable and light. I always selected shoes that aren't bulky or heavy for my little ones. I also wanted shoes that use good quality materials and these do. Not to mention the designs - they are simply adorable!! In fact, my daughter's first walking shoes were this brand.

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4y ago

Hi Emelie, thanks for sharing. I like their designs too, very cute. I don’t think there is any other brand having the same price range. Where did you buy these shoes for your kids?

Little Blue Lamb shoes are wonderful, super comfy and durable. I love the velcro straps especially - sooo easy to put on, no laces! :)