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I am in my 6th month of pregnancy and I have been wfh since the start of pregnancy and work has been normal (and rather more productive). I have been in the office only a couple of times, and each encounter was a brush closer to covid (colleagues I met that day were announced to have covid the next day). No idea of what covid can do to my foetus but I am super worried about going back to the office now especially after the latest NUH incident mom getting covid and the unexplained profused bleeding. But my company is now really forcing ppl to come back (never said gonna fire but it might come to monetary punishment). Will a gynae be willing to give a letter not to go back to the office for this reason? Can the company behavior be reported to somewhere too? TIA! #1stimemom #advicepls #bantusharing #pregnancy #workingmom #WFH

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hi there, just to share my experience, i am currently with only 2 dos vaccinated, and positive covid on 37+4. To be honest I was really in panic mode as I am already so near my due, but lucky my symptoms are mild, only coughing and blocked nose. As usual, I practice quarantine and manage to be negative after the 8th day. When delivered my baby (on 39+6) I was also worried that covid might infect my child, but child specialist ensure that Covid usually won't pass down to babies in the womb... they also did rtk test on my newborn and result is negative... if you are worried, try talking to kk nurse or your obstetrician for further information... hope it helps...

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