I have been breastfeeding my no1 for 21 months. My period came back when I was 9 months pp. About 3 weeks back, I noticed a drastic dip in my breastmilk supply and this month my period has not come which has been quite regular. What are the chances that I could be pregnant? Am thinking whether I should get a pregnancy kit to test, but it's so expensive. :(

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It could be a possibility. I reckon it's best to just get a pregnancy test kit and find out once and for all. Have you experienced any other symptoms that pointed to pregnancy, symptoms that you had during your first pregnancy? A friend of mine found out that she was pregnant a little after giving birth because her boobs felt super sore (sorer than usual) while she was pumping milk. If the usual name brand test kits are too expensive, you can consider getting the ones from the Watsons brand. Costs $7.70 per kit. http://www.watsons.com.sg/Product-Categories/Health/Family-planning/Pregnancy-Test-Kits/One-Step-Pregnancy-Test/p/BP_72303

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6y ago

Thanks for your reply! I'll probably consider the Watsons house brand pregnancy test kit.

If your period has been regular and you have missed it this month, it would be worth it to do the test. Especially if your period is late for more than two weeks, the test should be able detect if you are pregnant or not.

6y ago

Thanks for your reply. Probably I'll wait a week more before I'll get it tested. :)

Hi, I do sell pregnancy test strips at affordable price. 5 tests for $4 mailed. They are pretty accurate. Let me know if you might be keen. Thanks. :)