2 days menses & negative

I had “menstrual-like bleeding” on 13th Aug. It lasted like less than 2 days. Went for a check, it’s negative. I’ve never had something like this before. Coz I usually had a fixed 28 days cycle. Tracked my ovulation after the last “menses” & tried again, fingers crossed. Hopefully it’s good news. Been having sore breasts, crampings & mood swings similar to PMS.

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I was in the same situation before. I remembered very clearly that I had 2 days of menstrual like bleeding and suddenly it paused. Went to see a doc 2 days later and was asked to do both urine and blood test but were all negative. Boobs were unusually swollen and painful throughout, took a pregnancy test 2weeks after and was positive.

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Wait another 2 weeks then check