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Hi, i just had my KKH 35+1 day appt and was told baby on the bigger side 3kg. Told me to come back 2 weeks later for 37 weeks appt. May i know for 37 weeks what should i be expecting? Are they expecting my waterbag to break on its own so that i can deliver? Or are they going to determine if they should induce? When should i tell my company my ML period? I dont know which date I'm giving birth thus i can't commit any dates yet. Sorry for being this confused but I'm a FTM. Any advices is appreciated. #ftm #35weeks

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Same goes for me . my baby currently 2.7kg my next appt in another 2 weeks too .. it will determine whether i should be induce earlier because if u wait till edd ur baby will be too big for natural delivery. but that also depends if u already start dilating by that next appt. As for now i asked for 2 weeks HL . by next appt my gyne will determine again if i needed to extend HL . im due on 20 april , but im going to start ML by 15 april just to be safe .. because my workplace has this protocol if ur baby were to be born during ur HL .. the whole HL will be converted to ML .

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