I am going to be a teenage mom,what do you guys think i should know or what to expect ?

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Firstly, I applaud you for taking this step and I wish you well :) Whatever an older mother would go through and feel, it will probably double or triple when you're a teenage mom. Even if you have the support of your partner and family (which unfortunately most teen moms don't), the social stigma will still be there and there will always be judgemental mean people who will try to hurt your feelings. Be strong for baby, be strong for yourself. Try to save as much money as you can and read up as much as you can before baby comes along. Be healthy and whatever decisions you make now, you need to think of your child. I know a few teenage moms who treat their babies like accessories. They take them out whenever they feel like it and when its convenient instead of taking care of this little human being who needs love, protection and nourishment. Again, I wish you luck and good things, and pray that things will run smoothly for you :)

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6y ago

Ooh thank you soo much it really means a lot !!!

first I want to congratulate you on becoming a mom and being proud of it. it takes guts. 💖 I hope you'll get support from your family and friends as it's totally important to have emotional and physical support when welcoming yourself into motherhood. you have to expecting judgemental eyes and words but as long as you do what you think is best for you and baby, everything is gonna be fine. after giving birth though I made a video as well I hope it helps if ever it's the answer you were looking for https://youtu.be/qgVIzr81UBo

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