is it too late for postnatal massage?

i gave birth on august last year and i havent go for any massages ever since im pregnant.. if i go now will it help me in weight loss or anything? or it wont do anything now. #momcommunity #newmom cos after i gave birth i loss alot of weight like im way slimmer as compared to before i was pregnant and then now i gained back my weight even heavier than before :'((((

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u can do it sis no harm .. u won't know if the womb drop down ( need to sengkak ) by right we need to massage once a month .. release the tension muscles also 🙂

12mo ago

can recommend me tukang urut sis?

Postnatal massage is usually done 2-3 days after birth. Maybe you can do a normal massage & then start wearing a corset/binder.