Overnight oats

Can i eat overnight oats during pregnancy? Not too sure if it is fine to eat since it is uncooked oatmeal soak in milk and left in fridge overnight. TIA #pregnancy #1stimemom

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It is absolutely safe! Extra fibre will help with digestion as it gets more difficult to poop into the later part of pregnancy. Keep an eye on the sugar (eg honey, dried fruits or juice for Bircher muesli if you happen to add any) and maybe change to plant based milk such as almond/soy to increase calcium. If you are more comfortable with dairy, just take that extra step and ensure it’s pasteurised. Also best to keep this a habit cause it’s an excellent lactation booster for breastfeeding mommies (if you are choosing bm for your baby) Fantastic way of keeping yourself nourished 💯💯 all the best with your pregnancy journey ❤️

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8mo ago

Thanks so much for the info ❤️

I ate it all the time throughout my pregnancy, now at 38 weeks and everything is good.

8mo ago

Noted. Thanks so much !!