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I don't know what to say to you anymore. Tonight you chose not to be home with me, but overnight with your friends to drink. Just because I tell you how I feel about your female schoolmate that you've been chatting with recently. Yes, your friends kept asking you to stay overnight with them and invited you to drink. But have you ever thought of me being alone at home? You mean you don't know how to reject? I am going labour soon, anything can happen to me at home and if I call you, you're drunk. You won't be able to rush home in time. Please think about your actions and be mature. It's very upsetting what you're making me to go through at this sensitive period of time. And I am resorting to this platform just to vent out my thoughts. #husband #upsetting #1stimemom #firstbaby #randomtalk

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hug hug... my husband too. his friends have been asking out when I'm going into labour pretty soon. that day I just exploded at him. sometimes, men need constant reminder... I hope your hubby will understand what you are going through and things get better for you.

2mo ago

I guess being pregnant makes us very emotional. He said I think too much, and he also need his time for friends as well. He will try to lessen the amount of time he spend with them for now.

My heart goes out to you. Keep your faith strong.

hugs 🫂


hug hug