hi wanna ask some question what is ADCSREEN ANTENATAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE at KKH i mean what they do?

I just checked today and my pregnancy test say its positive what should i do? Im really confused and shocked now

hi wanna ask some question what is ADCSREEN ANTENATAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE at KKH i mean what they do?GIF
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Usually it’s ADC (Level 2) or AMC. For AMC (Level 1) is more of normal scans. For ADC is more for Down Syndrome scan details, gender reveal scan, or see whether baby is in breech position or not. If you’ve been wanting to get pregnant, congrats on your pregnancy! Have you gone to Polyclinic to ask for referral to KKH? If you just call KKH and make an appt, you will not be under subsidised patient. Your doc visits at KKH will be much more expensive. So go to Polyclinic, they’ll do a pregnancy test and give you a referral letter to KKH. You’ll receive a call from KKH within the week. Bring the letter on your first visit to KKH. How many weeks are you now, do you know? When was the first day of your last menstrual period? Download Flo app and track your pregnancy weeks. You need to start taking folic acid, if you go Polyclinic, they’ll ask if you have one. If not, they’ll prescribe you with one until you’re in 2nd trimester usually when you’re already after 12 weeks pregnant then you can start Obimin and other multi-vitamins that the doc will prescribe you.

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These are my appts for my 1st pregnancy. Baby No. 1 ✅26 Feb - 1st scan @ AMC (forgot) 5w4d ✅30 Mar - 2nd scan @ AMC ($135.16) 11w ✅9 Apr - FTS DS scan @ ADC ($285.50) 12w3d ✅4 May - Doppler for heart rate ($47) 16w ✅11 June - Gender Reveal @ ADC ($131.36) 21w3d ✅14 July - OGTT ($83.50) 26w ✅8 Aug - Breech @ ADC ($63) 29w5d ✅12 Aug - Doppler for heart rate($62.36) 30w2d ✅2 Sept - Doppler for heart rate, scheduled C-sect on 14 Oct ($47) 33w2d ✅24 Sept - Baby head down @ AMC, c-sect cancelled, swab test for bacteria ($147) 36w3d ✅8 Oct - Doppler for heart rate($47) 38w3d ✅15 Oct - Doppler for heart rate($47) 39w3d 19 Oct - EDD confirmed in 1st tri and baby born 40w via emergency c-sect My 2nd pregnancy, DS test was much more expensive cause I am high-risk for preeclampsia again as I had it post-delivery for my 1st pregnancy. Total costs was $445.82 and I only did the FTS but they took 5 tubes of blood from me. I also had to give them urine sample as I had protein in my urine. So far th

Firstly, congratulations! They will be scanning your belly to check on baby such it's size etc. you will visit it several times throughout your pregnancy to monitor baby's growth, health, etc.