hospital bag for kkh

hi can i ask what to pack for hospital bag if my hospital chosen is kkh? thanks.

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KKH would have provide you with most of the things needed for the 3/4 days stay. You just need to bring a set of clothings + Mittens/booties/hat + Baby swaddle for your baby on discharge day, and 2 sets of clothings for yourself (Day 1 admission and Day 3/4 discharge), PP underwear (those big, ugly, yet comfortable grandma’s pants) or you may use KKH’s disposable ones, your soap & shampoo, Tooth brush/Toothpaste, Comb, phone charger, wallet, phone and yourself. Bring your husband along if you are staying in the private ward.😂🙊

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3y ago

ahh ok. thanks a lot. do u know if they will be giving away any goodie bag during discharge also?

I don't have kkh one .. below article may be useful to you

3y ago