What could this be?

I am 5 weeks along. Went to the doctor, did blood and urine test and even did a vaginal scan. Doctor said it’s too early to detect anything on the screen so ask to come back soon to do another blood test and scan. Now I’m experiencing bleeding. It started yesterday and it got heavier today. I’m not sure what is going on. Cos everything now - bleeding, headache, cramps - all seems to be like menses to me. What could this be?#pleasehelp

What could this be?
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hey there, we went through the same sudden heavy bleeding on our 6th week back in March this year. It started with spotting, and it gets within the next day. We went straight into emergency and the doctor did a scan and said that it may be too early to tell if we had a miscarriage. So he did a HCG test, and gave us progesterone tablet. The progesterone tablet is to help regulate the body in case there’s no miscarriage. A second HCG test is done 2 days after. The second test shows that the HCG level went down, and our gynae shared with us that we just had a miscarriage. The bleeding only stop after 6 days. During the period, we shared with our closer friends and mothers that have been through similar experience, and found comfort to see their children running and jumping around. We also found out that there’s a need to eat confinement food, sort of as the body is traumatised and need to replenish the blood. In May, the gynae said that the menstrual period is back to the regular cycle and heaviness, and that we can start trying again. And we conceive again in June. So, it’s ok to be scared and it’s ok to cry it out together. Just remember that the condition now is not your conclusion.

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2mo ago

the doctor didn’t share the first test result as it was in the emergency ward, but the second one with our gynae was 27. She said that the number is supposed to double up daily during pregnancy, having it gone down is an indication that we had a miscarriage. She also recommended that if we are still unsure, we can get a pregnancy test kit and have it tested after the bleeding stop.

Update: Went down to the KKH and did another blood test. Doctor said it seems like a biochemical pregnancy. Blood test results shows that my hcg levels has gone down. From 49.8 to 31.4. She mentioned that hcg by right should drop down by half. But she didn’t specifically said it was a miscarriage… she just briefly said that it is most likely to be a biochemical pregnancy. And that another blood test is required to monitor hcg levels. I asked her if I’m still pregnant - she said yes but couldn’t detect anything from scan. But if the upcoming hcg level is still not dropping. It might be an ectopic pregnancy. She also mentioned that it’s not gonna be a healthy pregnancy if indeed hcg level is still above 25. So, I’m just like - did I just experienced miscarriage? Am I still pregnant and expecting a child? I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel sad.

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Hi so sorry. I just experienced this 2 weeks ago. If you’re bleeding (especially clots) & cramping similar to menses, it may be miscarriage. My dr mentioned it’s extremely common. I had a biochemical/complete mc. But don’t lose hope, it doesn’t mean you are less fertile.

I'm sorry, it might be MC. I had the same situation happened 2 years ago. tested positive. started bleeding. went back to Dr, hcg levels kept gg down. saw a sac but it's empty. I continue to bleed for about 2 weeks and eventually the sac passed out as a clot.

is the tissue or clot like a shape of uterus? I remb having it many years ago. I didn't know if I was pregnant though back then. I'm sorry to say, usually if there's heavy bleeding accompanied by clot, especially this large, mc seems like it.

I had the same experience last year, most likely the pregnancy is not viable. Can test again the kit line should be lighten or almost gone.

2mo ago

Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I’m so sorry for what happened to you :(

most prob MC. hugs. there's nth u can do.