Can any one face like this situation ?

I am 7th wk of pregnancy but doctor said in the scanning only yolk sac is growing inside no baby seen no fetal pole in the 5th wk scan they told same no detail pole only yolk sac is growing now 7th wk scan the same yolk sac is growing only but fetal pole I don't know what to do for that .. what to do next #pleasehelp #firstbaby #1stimemom #advicepls #pregnancy #bantusharing

Can any one face like this situation  ?
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please update what happen? did you have fetal pole after all? facing same issue as you now

2y ago

happened to me 2 years back... same like urs.. only yolk sac... it was aborted eventually 🙁... stay strong momma ...

happened to me too. no fetal in sac end up lost at week 6. all the best.

Don stay to one gynae … Seek for another one … to confirm …

Happened with me.. stay strong. Follow gynae advise..

it’s normal. many mummies saw only at week 8-9

2y ago

mine was the same, only yolk sac