I am 7 months pregnant (28 weeks and 2 days to be exact). But I am feeling so sad, scared and I overthink a lot. I am sad because my baby in my tummy has CHD- Pulmonary Artesia, Severe Pulmonary Stenosis and VSD. Scared because of what may will happen. Overthink because I am not ready on whatever negative things will happen. My doctor already told me not to be stressed because it will affect my baby. I am really tried so hard to be cheerful and happy mum but at the end of the day I always cry at night. Sometimes I sleep around 2am and wake up at 8am. I am posting this because I feel so alone even though I prefer to be alone sometimes. I cannot tell it to my family nor show to them because I don't wanna see them sad too. My question is, does/did anyone feel the same way too? How did you cope it? Thank you so much. #1stimemom #pleasehelp #pregnancy #heartwarrior #depression #singlemum

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Please don't overthink. I know is easy to say than done. By overthinking it will not help. Situation may not be that bad. Allow me to share my then predicament. We were told 3 days to 24 weeks that our younger child may not be normal or live long. We were given a tough decision to make then as termination must be done before 24 weeks. Making situation tougher, our elder child was warded during that period. We decided to keep the younger child and prepared to accept what we were going to face. 16 weeks later, we have a healthy child. May I suggest you to speak to your family or someone close, don't keep all to yourself. You will, at least feel better after you share your thoughts. If you don't feel good to share with them, you may consider to speak to the Samaritans of Singapore via the 24-hour Hotline at 1800 221 4444. Wish you well🙏🌈

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Is tough for you to bear it alone. You need support in all areas. Please share with someone, thing may not be that bad. Yes, have faith and miracle does happen. I will include you in my prayer, hope it will help. Remember don't bear alone, speak to someone. 🌈