First trimester

Hi i am 5 weeks now and i feel cramp in my abdominal area and the pain will shift from left to right vice versa. Is this normal or should i go see doctor? Thank you.

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Hi thank you so much.. today my pain subsides but i feel bloated and not much appetite and tired. Is this normal for first trimester? Thank you.

2d ago

Ok you care to share the brand or packaging? Thank you

you're still in your first tri. first tri is very crucial. it's best to see doc.

Are you from SG? Should be able to get this from supermarket.

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2d ago

Yes i am from SG... will get this from supermarket. Thx thx

Its normal for mild cramping.. if severe better see doctor

2d ago

Hi, thank you so much... my cramping has stop already... nw is dealing with morning sickness... will try the ginger bag that Joy recommend. Thank you.