Vaginal discharge during third trimester

I am at 38weeks now. This morning I woke up with vaginal discharge tinged with blood. No pain but i can feel slight cramp (braxton hicks). Also I read online that its normal to see more vaginal discharge during third trimester. But im curious.. normally how long more do i need to wait for the contraction to kick in. Please share your story guys. Thanks in advance :)

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If you say there’s a tinge of blood on your discharge, is it also like mucus? Also if it is mucus plug, it depends on individuals. Sometimes mucus plug can be discharged over a few days before contractions start. Sometimes it’s immediate bloody show after mucus plug. My mucus plug was probably like yours, discharge with a tinge of blood. Very faint. Earlier in the morning my contractions started, how I knew it was contractions cause the pain was a totally whole new experience. It doesn’t feel like normal BH or menses cramps. The pain will gradually increase every few hours, every hour, every 1/2 hr, then down to every 5 mins means you’re in active labour already. For me, my water bag burst 1hr after I checked myself into the delivery suite but wasn’t in active labour yet. Contractions were painful for me though cause I have Low tolerance for pain. Something I will never forget my whole life. Do download Contractions app and time your contractions.

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I didnt c my mucus plug last round but i had brown blood and then slowly had a tinge of red blood (tink it took me a week). Not much contractions but one night i had serious tailbone ache but i managed to slp a bit but the following day i could not 😅 too pain.

I think is your mucus plus. My water bag broke like half an hour after my mucus plus came off. Contractions started to kick in but it was still manageable.