Should I take NIPT?

I am 25 this yr and currently in my 12th week. Went for scan at 10th week, gynae asked if I want to do the NIPT test. I am still considering and will be returning to the gynae on my 15th week. What do you guys think? Is it necessary? 😅 Any thoughts?

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I was 32 when i was having my first baby. Did comprehensive nipt because we wanted to know the results n since the accuracy was high. Depends on your comfort too whether u will keep the baby if touch wood theres any major issues? If money is not an issue also i tink can do. Haha.

5mo ago

Cos I also heard from some mummies that the result came out not so positive but then baby was fine when born! So I’m afraid that I might get a false alarm scare too 😂 I think I’ll still be keeping baby no matter what

i took nipt cos 36yo for a peace mind. if for sure you will be keeping the baby regardless of result, think can opt for other test instead as nipt is expensive.

I just took the test for fun.. cos my partner is very kiasu 😅