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I am 19 weeks now and bladder gets full easily. Do you put sanitary pads to avoid awkward moments in case you sneeze or cough and pee comes out?

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is this 1st pregnancy? because if its 1st preg then it's not normal, it means pelvic floor muscle is weak and that will affect how fast/smooth labor will be. putting pad is to cover the effect but the real solution is to do kegel muscle training. there are many available on you tube, most of them are informative even for non 1st time pregnancies

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I will use it if it's necessary. There is pad for urine leak available at Watson and other similar stores. Do try to exercise your pelvic more to strengthen the muscles which can help to reduce leak. 🙂

Hello, it is due to the weakness of your pelvic floor muscles. Do Kegels, very easy and simple exercises. They will help you with your bladder and will help you with your delivery.

same here XD its normal... and my delivery was quite smooth. If you are worried check with your gynae or try to exercise to strengthen.

Yep very normal. I am using Tena (pink packaging) panty liner since second trimester.

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You can do that. It's very normal for bladder to feel full during pregnancy

I keep going toilet in the midnight ... just for a little pee... haizz

Same here hehe..every time i sneeze or cough the pee comes out 😁

yes I use Tena , more thicker than normal pantyliners.

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It’s quite common .. better to use panty liners