Importance Of Indonesian Health Alert Card Indonesia has introduced a new health card, which has attracted much criticism. The new health alert card is called the International Health Card. In keeping with World Health Day the look of this card is a blue wellness ring together with the text"illi Indonesian". The blue color of this ring is a representation of the seas of both Java and Borneo in Indonesia. Regardless of the introduction of these special cards some are critical of the plan. They feel that the font ought to be bolder and darker to better represent the island of Indonesia. On the other hand some are unhappy with the color combination of these cards. Some people today feel that the health card creates too much confusion among individuals. Indonesia has experienced a healthcare program in place for many years. Lately there are a great deal of issues with the delivery of healthcare services. It is well known that Indonesia has the maximum rate of infant mortality compared to any other country in Asia. Bearing this in mind the health alert card was introduced to try and improve the health of the Indonesian people. However, some are worried that with the various colours on the health conscious card it causes confusion. There's also the concern about the different font sizes on the card. These issues are being deliberated upon by the Indonesian government. They're taking a look at ways to present a uniform credit card to fight this confusion. There's also an issue that the colour blue may lead to confusion with the Indonesian national colors of gold and green. Presently the cards are still being made. The font will most likely remain the same as it's been for the past couple of decades. Other colors like black and white are being contemplated but nothing is final as far since this is concerned. It is expected that in the near future each the black cards will probably be gloomy. The health alert card is essentially a public service card which carries your healthcare information like allergies, vitamins, drugs, diabetic direction etc.. In case you've ever gotten a health alert card previously, you'll observe that they include your name, phone number, address and title of your doctor. This usually means this card can save lives if a health crisis were to happen. With the present progress in technology the government hopes to produce the health conscious card user friendly in the future.

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