Flight Passes to Cyprus - FAQs

https://pl.ivisa.com/cyprus-flight-pass A Cyprus Flight Pass is needing to get into Cyprus for EU Passport holders. If you hold another Passport type please visit our site. In this way, negative PCR (Certificates of Registration) check result is not needed to be submitted. However, a failure to obtain a positive result from the examination may result in the expiry of your Passport. The time to apply for a Cyprus Pass will depend on the time of year you apply. There are many options available to applicants. We recommend that you shop around to find the best deal. Citizens of the United Kingdom are not required to obtain a Cyprus Pass before entering the country if they hold a valid passport that was issued by the United Kingdom. To enter Cyprus, citizens of certain countries must also have an equivalent visa. A one- or two-year visa for citizens of certain other countries is required to enter Cyprus. This applies regardless of whether they have a Passport. Therefore, those applying for a Cyprus flight pass must apply for their visa well in advance of their planned entry into the country. There are many ways to obtain a Cyprus Pass. A travel agent is the best way to get a Pass to Cyprus. Travel agents can often get discounts on flights to Cyprus for Passes booked up to 70 days in advance. It is worth enquiring with a number of travel agents to find out whether this possibility exists for the flights you want to book. It is also important to inquire whether the Cyprus Passes they can offer will still be valid at the time of your departure. If the above methods of obtaining a Cyprus Pass do not work for you, there are other means of procuring one, which does involve waiting a couple of hours prior to boarding the airplane and submitting an application process. It may be worth contacting the airline you fly for to see if they can help. Most often, this is a simple matter of providing contact details such as email address and phone numbers and the application process for a Cyprus flight pass will be no more complicated than that for a normal passport. It is important to meet all requirements for a Cyprus Pass. These include satisfying the language requirements and satisfying the health requirements. Furthermore, if you have a negative covid-19 test results (see the section relating to adverse travel). You must not disclose this fact to any agency assisting you in the process of getting a Cyprus flight pass. This applies to any agent at the Pass office or any agent or representative from an airport who assists you in your travel. The above mentioned information covers the general criteria for those that are applying for a Cyprus Pass. You will need to meet additional criteria such as age requirements, health requirements, currency requirements, and so forth. If you are eligible for a Cyprus flight pass but do not travel within the area covered by the pass, you may be able to upgrade to a normal (without covid-19) pass. After you have received your pass, you may be able to upgrade to a business (without covid-19).

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