American Samoa Health Declaration Form It is strongly recommended that you fill out the American Samoa Health Declaration form at least 21 days before your departure. It does not matter if you're traveling by sea or air. However, due to varying CO Sindications, regulation may vary depending on the nation of origin. You must understand that no one will check your health on board nor can they demand you to do so when you land at their port of call. Hence it is essential for you to declare yourself fit and healthy. There are many laws and regulations in American Samoa regarding health issues. In spite of this, American Samoan enjoy freedom of choice as regards to health issues. American Samoa residents have the freedom to choose any healthcare provider or healthcare professional they prefer. However, healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses in the USA need to have specialized credentials from American Samoan institutions. On receipt of the health declaration form the doctor or nurse will be accredited and certified by American Samoan institutions. American Samoans must sign a health declaration form in order to be allowed to seek treatment in the USA. The health declaration form includes details about the applicant's medical history and physical condition. The applicant must also declare about his or her nationality, permanent resident status and immigration status. The duration of time for which a person must be treated on board a domestic Caribbean hospital or an American Samoan hospital is dictated by the laws, regulations and rules of the American Samoan Health Administration or SAMOA. This is usually done by filling in a HIPAA form. The HIPAA regulates privacy of personal medical information. It outlines how protected information can disposed of and establishes guidelines for security. In order to obtain an American Samoan passport, applicants need to sign and return to the embassy or Consular office a copy of the HIPAA health insurance card. This is important as all health care providers in American Samoa are required to register with SAMOA. This ensures that healthcare providers who treat American Samoans meet the international standards on health care and privacy issues. Even if one doesn't have an American Samoa passport, one can still access healthcare services in American Samoa. Before receiving healthcare services, one must have a Health Insurance Card (or a Health Declaration). A Health Insurance Card is a document that proves your identity, and allows you to access health care in American Samoa. It is also useful in providing additional medical assistance should an emergency arise. A person who has an American Samoa Health Insurance Card needs to show it at the time they apply for healthcare services. American Samoa does not allow anyone to apply for health services without a valid health insurance card. It is advisable to get a Health Declaration if you or anyone in your family is suffering from an ailment or disease which could potentially result in financial loss. This is because you will need to have health insurance in case you need surgery or major medical treatment. For example, someone who has diabetes will require an insulin prescription. A bone scan or tissue scan is required for anyone undergoing treatment for cancer. A medical examination will determine the amount of your monthly out-of-pocket medical expenses. Your declaration will also provide a list of all diseases or medical conditions you have, their treatments and the amount you will be reimbursed for such treatments.

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