How much weight did you put on during pregnancy?

How much weight did you put on during your pregnancy? My original bmi pre-pregnancy was 19. Put on 7kg at 20w and it seemed like too much based on online pregnancy charts. Slightly conscious on how to lose the weight post pregnancy… #1stimemom #pregnancy #firstbaby

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17 KG. I went from XS to XL and my baby only weighed 2.6 kg (40w) 🥹 Currently 4.5m PP, exclusive pumping & eating normally, no time to exercise 😅. Managed to lose 15 kg. I would say don’t be too bothered by the weight. During my confinement I was so bothered by my weight that it remained stagnant. Subsequently I got so busy with baby and couldn’t be bothered and ate what I like, I managed to shed off the weight faster 😃

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