which hospital is the best for labour? Private or public hospital?

How much is the total cost for private and public hospital?

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I chose Mount E Novena back then after witnessing how efficient they were when my dad had a major op there. I gave birth on an unpopular date haha actually just a day after a super ‘prosperous’ date so I was the only mum in the labour ward. Even till now, I’d share with my peers that I had 5 nurses looking after me because they were quite free HAHA. Then when I was pushing my baby out, at least 3 nurses were there assisting my gynae. So everything quite calm for me unlike my peers. Nurses shared with me that the day before were 12 mummies either natural or arranged C-sect so obviously everything in a rush. So I guess service wise really depends on how many nurses on rotation and how packed the labour ward is.

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I gave birth at Mount A, as my gynae only delivers there. The nurses took great care of me there, and my hubby was happy about it. The food was rather nice but I am a heavy eater so the serving was never enough for me. I paid a total of 6k plus after deduction from medisave for a 3D2N normal delivery with epidural. The delivery team was great and assisted me to push in a proper way as I couldn't feel anything. However, I personally feel to choose gynae over hospital. The only reason why I chose Mount A in the beginning was because of my gynae.

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3y ago

How many bedded?

chose MT A as many friends and relatives gave good reviews. i have to agree that the nurses are really caring, kind and dedicated. they helped me esp when engorgement set in and i was literally in tears. the amenities may not be as modern as others and food also so-so but depends on your priorities. for me, the care level is most important. really who cares about food or ambience or even the goody bag? (yes i heard some ppl chose certain hospitals for goody bag!) final bill was about 10k for c-sec elective for 3D2N stay (incldg doc fees)

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4y ago


If high risk pregnancy, go to KKH or NUH. KKH has really experienced gynaes and nurses so you are in good hands. If you can afford, go for private as there's difference between the experience of private and subsidised. If you think you are a low risk pregnancy, then any hospital of your preference would be good! Ultimately, in the event of complications, just check yourself in to KKH cos the bill size would be significantly smaller than private hospitals.

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From our experience, it doesn't matter if it is private or public but solely who your primary OBGYN is. We went to the "best" delivery hospital in SG and was very disappointed. They didn't even have their own in house OBGYNs. Not even a 24 hour emergency room. Everything was overpriced. More of a hotel than a hospital. Focus on finding a doctor that is compassionate and right for you.

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2y ago

Care to share which hospital this is? I’m still choosing which hospital to deliver and would like to take note. Thanks.

I chose private at Mount A and the nurses there are great. I had bad experiences at KKH before as subsidised. However, if there is any complications in your pregnancy then best to go KKH even doctors in other hospitals would recommend a transfer. But if there is no complications then it really depends on your financial as well as your own preferences.

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Dont think there is "the best". Private pay more doesnt neccessarily means will get the best experience. Depends on your financial as well. Aside from gynae, both private & subsidise more or less the same. After giving birth, all you look forward to is going back home anyway.

Depends on your finances and your preference. If you have the finances to meet, the recommended institution and a specific gynae you are comfortable with, then by all means go to where your gynae can perform the delivery and where the institution can meet your delivery and care needs. All the best!

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I chose private due to their service and choice of hospital depends on my gynae. I delivered in Mt E Novena. It was nice and food was good with many choices. My husband who lodged in enjoyed lobster meals almost everyday. As I underwent csect, it was around 18k including baby fee.

There is no best. Everyone goes through different experience. Some may have wonderful experience in ___ hospital but some will say NO just because they faced different personnel / situation. Go with what you feel best for yourself.