How long is long for constipation in a 10mo baby before I bring her to see the PD. Today is the fourth day baby hasn't popped and this is the first time. Previously her poo is hard but she still poos everyday or every other day although she has to squeeze hard. But this time she doesn't even really squeeze, it is as if she doesn't feel stomach pain or urge to poo at all. I give her probiotics drops everyday already. And her diet consists of mostly veggies and sweet potatoes. I have also given her yoghurt this week to help her poo but she still did not. Also tried tummy massage but still no use . Any advice

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Perhaps you may like to consider giving her a teaspoon of vco? Chilled solid vco doesn't have much taste, and it can help with popping. Definitely see a doctor if you are concerned. My child has gone a week without pooping around 4 months old but that was when she was exclusively breastfed.

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4y ago

I got them from NTUC finest. I've seen some kiddy palace, cold storage selling them too. Iherb has a wide range too.