How many weeks?

How do I know how many weeks my pregnancy is after doing a home pregnancy test and before going for the first appointment? I wish to wait until around 8 weeks then go for first appointment.#advicepls

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What i did after taking a home pregnancy test is to go to a nearby clinic to confirm my pregnancy. They will ask you when is your last period any abdominal pains etc and i also get a referral letter to the hospital. My first appt is set by the hospital when I'm about 9 weeks. I guess it depends on individual since i got to know that I'm pregnant when I'm about 1 month and 3 weeks late which is about 7 weeks. Calculate from your last period and then you will know how long you have conceive using this app helps too as it does tell you how many weeks you are right now 😊 goodluck mummy! ❤️

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