I feel constantly worried about my baby & my upcoming first appointment is taking forever!!

How to ease my mind 🥲

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As a First Time Mum, you may get really excited for your first screening at the doctor to confirm the pregnancy, so I understand your concern. If you are really excited, one way is to check yourself into Emergency Department and just tell them some minor discomfort you have (e.g giddy..) They will do the necessary tests and get a gynae specialist to visit you in ED before discharging you home with an upcoming appointment. Take that lab test as an opportunity to know if your body is in a good state for your pregnancy and you can also ask the gynae some questions you have to ease your concerns before the first consultation 😊

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Don't overthink it. Most importantly get enough rest and stay healthy and you will be fine. Maybe do some hobbies you like to do to ease your worries? I also had my worries at the start of my pregnancy because I had spotting. Now I'm 26 weeks.

It's like this haha. All the mummies have felt this worry, so you're not alone. And baby's probably doing just fine if there isn't any significant bleeding. Just keep yourself safe and happy and baby will also be fine 🙂

I had to wait 3 weeks for my first appointment and until then I did not have any symptoms , I was super worried and end up all was fine. I just trusted god and went in a flow

I did a urine pregnancy test every day till my first appointment just to ease my mind 😂

Keep yourself busy and try not to think too much. Baby is growing well, have faith!

I made an additional appointment before the next checkup, just to see my baby.