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How early can we choose our c sect date? Is it possible to choose at 36weeks? Anyone experience mind sharing..? :)#advicepls

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Super Mum

A baby is full term at 37 weeks. 36 weeks is considered premature, and if baby is healthy, then early deliveries should not be done. Premature babies may have more problems eg. Difficulty breathing, etc, higher chance of needing ICU care. I think most of the time, they would encourage at least around 38 weeks.

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usually doctor will give a range of dates from your EDD. usually 2-3 weeks range arnd 37-38 weeks. from there depends what date the couple wants. but we choose nearer to EDD. if baby decide to come earlier then just let nature takes its cause.

If no medical condition, pls choose wk37 onwards

Doc will advise to c sect at 37 weeks.


at least 37weeks