How do you train your child to sleep at her/his bed room?

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Here are some tips on how to get your child to sleep in his/her own bedroom: - Do it gradually: children hardly take well to sudden changes. Introduce the idea first before slowly implementing it - Establish a routine: have them dressed and ready for bed in their own room. Settle them early so that they will feel comfortable - Create a nice and cozy bed: this makes going to sleep in their own rooms a pleasant experience. Have their favourite blanket or stuffed toy with them. - Be firm: when the child goes looking for his/her parents in the parents room, bring the child back to sleep in their own room for the rest of the night. - Find out if the child is afraid of anything: children are very imaginative and may be afraid of “monsters” in their rooms. Make a show of getting rid of the “monsters” and have a soft nightlight in the room may help alleviate their fears. - Stay with them: stay in their room till they fall asleep. Key is not to interact with them after the bedtime story is told so that they would learn that it’s time for time to sleep. My sister-in-law only allows my nephew to crawl into bed with them if he had nightmares and needed comforting. Even then, she sometimes shift him back into his own bed after he has fallen asleep so that he would wake up in his own room.

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I let her choose how she wants to decorate her bed, making it as cosy as possible. Line up her favourite toys on the new bed. Read to her and slowly let her asleep, but not too soon cus she might wake. Co-sleep with her a couple of times before she’s more at ease with me suddenly leaving after she falls asleep. And assure her that there is nothing to be afraid of, and that I’m always here.

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At the beginning, to get them to get used to it, I pretend to fall asleep with them on their bed then leave the room right after they've fallen into deep slumber.